Text and Image

June 20, 2017 - June 27, 2017

Dear reader,

It has been months since the last time had an art studio to work in and therefore I have not been able to paint. I don't think about it too much, though, because some times realities are too all-encompassing to really notice. I miss painting but I have been working on other parts of myself and reaching towards the past to discover other things I want to create.

I was really lucky to have accidentally taken an art class with Lynda Barry when I was in graduate school. She taught me how to make comics and she introduced me to the world of comics. I remember feeling very self-aware and self-conscious in her class both because I was an unofficial "TA" and because that's just how you feel when in the presence of LB. Her classes are kind of like being in pre-K again except she feeds you candy and you're forced to work very hard. Think military style, timed drawing exercises.

Anyways, I am now in the position where it seems like the only good thing I got from graduate school was this making comics class with LB. This is simplistic and overlooks a lot of things. But the fact is that even in the face of financial loss and deep uncertainties, I am still drawing and writing. I have tried to write books in the past and now most of my creative energies are aimed at creating a comic, zine or graphic novel.

Art is never stationary or static. I have not been a very well-trained artist, I have to admit, having only undergone about 4 years of academic training, which at best amounted to being a part-time student of drawing and painting, mostly.

One of my fascinations has been with text and image, i.e., the relationship between images and text. There's tons of varieties of this sort. But I am most interested in abstract images and text. I can't draw very well and I am a 'thinker' of sorts. So it makes sense that I have gravitated towards graphic novels and comics.

So here is where I am, currently: